Mission Statement

At Manchester Fluid Power, we do more than just change parts. We ask the correct questions to find out why your cylinder failed and apply the actions to your application, the kind of experience that can give you peace of mind. We feel that we can sum up our successful philosophy in just two words…Past experience. With our MLR Cylinder line, we at Manchester Fluid Power are not so high-tech that we let machines solve your problem (even though our CAD system can draw it!). We believe that manufacturing is hard work and paying attention to details. If you truly want a solution, not just a part, call us today!

  • Raw materials made in the USA
  • All cylinders 100% tested
  • CAD drawing available upon request
  • Certified drawings available upon request

At Manchester Fluid Power, we believe in sharing knowledge, and with our information system, we can keep everyone up to date on the latest applications and modifications. We have trained customers for years on cylinder applications. Call us anytime to set up a class for you.